What is the difference between a clip and a magazine?2020-04-17T18:33:03+00:00

A magazine holds shells under spring pressure for feeding into the chamber. Some are fixed to the firearm while others are removable.

A cartridge clip has no spring and does not feed shells directly into the chamber. “Clips” hold cartridges in the correct orientation for charging a specific firearm’s magazine. Stripper clips allow rounds to be stripped into the magazine while other types are fed along with the shells into the magazine – the M1 Garand operates this way.

Why are your magazines (seemingly) expensive?2020-04-17T18:31:29+00:00

There’s a considerable amount of time and machine work that goes into each and every magazine that Darkeagle Custom produces. Because we take no shortcuts, we’re able to produce a very high quality magazine that’s extremely tough, extremely reliable, and will provide a lifetime of service to our customers.

Conversely, the less-expensive, plastic factory magazines that Savage now includes with their SR models are not made with the same level of care or craftsmanship, and the consumer gets stuck with a magazine that doesn’t feed well at all. This fact has become well known within the Savage community – which is probably why so many SWAT (and other law enforcement) personnel are currently using Darkeagle Custom magazines instead.

I have a Boyd’s stock for my Axis. Will your magazines function with it?2020-04-17T18:30:32+00:00

Our Axis magazines are designed for use with the original Savage stocks and we do not guarantee their function with any aftermarket stocks. However, we’ve had reports of success from the field with Boyd’s stocks with minor modification (of the stock) being required in some cases.

I have an earlier-model rifle called an Edge. Do you produce magazines for it?2020-04-17T18:29:46+00:00

The Edge is the same rifle as the Axis.  Savage changed its name shortly after introducing it to the market.

Do I need your extended magazine release?2020-04-17T18:28:57+00:00

No, our extended release is not required in order to use Darkeagle Custom magazines. However, it does make reloads faster and easier (with any magazine), and it can also can be a great benefit to cold fingers since the factory release is somewhat recessed up into the frame.

An extended release is not needed for the Savage Axis since our Axis magazine already features an extended tab.

Can I send you my current magazine and have you convert it?2020-04-17T18:28:13+00:00

Sorry, but no – it simply wouldn’t be cost effective either for us or for the customer. We only use the top portion of the Savage factory magazine so we’d still have to fabricate (and charge for) all of the other parts necessary to produce a completed high capacity unit.

Are your magazines complete units or do I need to send my current magazine for conversion?2020-04-17T18:26:34+00:00

Darkeagle Custom magazines are complete and ready to use.

Do you offer high capacity versions of the older, side-release Savage magazines?2020-04-17T18:25:39+00:00

No, Darkeagle Custom does not produce any kind of side-release magazines.

How do I know whether my rifle is long action or short action?2020-04-17T18:22:17+00:00

Long action Savage magazines measure approximately 3.5″ long. We produce magazines for the .25-06, .270, .30-06, and .300 Winchester Magnum calibers in this action length.

Short action Savage magazines measure approximately 3″ long. We produce magazines for the .308 family of cartridges (including the .243, .260, and 7mm-08 calibers) and the 6.5 Creedmoor in this action length.

Do I need an Axis style magazine or an original center feed style magazine?2020-04-17T18:21:23+00:00

If your magazine has a metal bottom and it goes into a metal frame in the stock with a lever release to remove it, then you have the original center feed magazine.

If your magazine has a plastic bottom with a tab on the front that holds it into the stock and is used to release the magazine, then you have an Axis style magazine.

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